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Do you use third party testing?


We are strong believers in third party testing. Why? because we want to ensure excellent product quality and test for any safety issues. It gives our consumers peace of mind in knowing their product contains exactly what the bottle states - pure, potent, high quality CBD oil.


What kind of functions in the body may CBD affect?


CBD oil has the ability to affect many of the body’s functions— from sleep-wake cycles to emotional regulation. Inadvertently treating insomnia and easing anxiety.


Can CBD get you "high"?


No. Hemp-Derived CBD oil is usually low in THC, the element that produces a "high" affect on its consumers. No matter how you decide to consume your cannabidiol – oil, tincture, vape, topical, etc. It will not get you high.


Can CBD support individuals trying to quit smoking once and for all?


In a recent study 40% of cigarette consumption decreased among a group of 24 participants that used inhalers which contained CBD oil. This study confirm CBD's amazing ability to help break nicotine addiction. Source:


Can CBD be beneficial for people wanting to enjoy their favorite foods again?


Most of us have trouble with portion control-- while others, need help getting their appetite back. CBD can be incredibly beneficial for individuals wanting to enjoy their favorite foods again.


Is CBD affordable?


The amazing benefits of CBD oil shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. We are so passionate about getting the word out and this product in your hands that we have kept our prices low. Our oils are affordable and below the average market retail price! Contact us today for more information to buy or become an affiliate.